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Social Responsibility

Cooperation with Stakeholders

1. Initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction and engage with tenants
● Tenant engagement programs
We are engaged in environmental activities in collaboration with tenants. Specifically, we provide information on their energy and water consumption as well as waste emissions while periodically hosting environmental and energy-saving council meetings to discuss initiatives to reduce these consumption/ emission. We have also prepared and distributed a sustainability guidebook for tenants. Besides that, Nomura Real Estate Master Fund, Inc. (NMF) encourages the tenants to increase their eco-awareness by providing them the tablets which show their electricity usage.
● Customer Satisfaction Survey
We undertake customer satisfaction surveys to stay apprised of requests from and opinions of our tenants, residents and users. The latest survey was carried out in 2015. The results of these surveys are shared with property managers, building management firms, developers and other relevant parties and utilized to enhance the features and equipment of each property as well as services available to its tenants.
● For other initiatives on tenant services taken by the Nomura Real Estate Group, please visit the following websites.
2. Initiatives to ensure the safety and security of the tenants and the visitors
● Elevators are equipped with emergency disaster kits and disaster kits have been distributed to tenants for the safety and security of tenants and visitors.
3. Initiatives with our supply chain
● Sustainable Procurement
Prior to initiating transactions with any supplier,contractor or property manager, we assess their operations from the perspective of environmental consideration based on specific requirements, including whether they have environmental standards in place for their procurement process. Our requirements also examine such matters as corporate ethics; human rights protection; occupational safety and health; product safety standards in relation to human health; and the application of sustainability requirements to subcontractors. These requirements are monitored by conducting a questionnaire to suppliers, contractors and property managers.
4. Initiative on contributing to local society
● Connecting with local communities
We hold various events to promote communication with tenants and local residents.
● Seeking improvement(s) in the safety of and convenience to tenants, we have installed AEDs in the building and implemented a car-sharing system in the residential parking lot, etc.
5. Health & Welfare
We are contributing to not only a child caring support for both local residents and workers but local health and welfare by leasing our properties to nursery schools and clinics.

Number of the clinics in our properties: 31 (Office 11 / Retail 15/ Apartment 5)
Number of the nursery schools in our properties: 5 (Apartment 5)

Initiatives for the Employees of the Asset Management Company

1. Basic Policy on Human Resources
The asset management company of the Fund, Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NREAM), focuses on securing and fostering talented human resources working with the sponsor of the Fund, Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and its subsidiaries.
For details, please refer to Appointment and Utilization of Diverse Human Resources on the website of Nomura Real Estate Holdings
2. Employees’ Satisfaction Survey
The asset management company of the Fund, Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NREAM), periodically conducts the employees’ satisfaction survey (most recently conducted in 2016) to understand employees’ awareness on the management direction, their job responsibilities and their work environments (in terms of health and welfare). NREAM makes good use of the result of the survey for planning, implementing its measures to maximize employees’ abilities.
3. Training Programs
The asset management company of the Fund, Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NREAM), keeping in pace with the sponsor of the Fund, Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., conducts training program focused on the sustainability themes as energy and resource saving, environmental laws and regulations, and stakeholder engagement while providing legal compliance training and human resource development training.
For details, please refer to Basic Plan for Human Resource Development on the website of Nomura Real Estate Holdings
● NREAM Human Resource Development Training Programs
In accordance with Nomura Real Estate Development Basic Human Development Policies, NREAM encourages the employees to develop their abilities by providing them with the training based on job responsibility and the training for the selected employees while supporting capacity building for each employee.
● NREAM Compliance Training Programs
NREAM monthly provides the employees with the compliance training including Information Management (the Amended Act on the protection of Personal Information), Related Party Transactions, Understanding and Correspondences on the Financial Regulations, Handling of Anti-Social Forces, Regulation on Insider Training, Statutory Books and Documents, Matters pointed out in the Securities Inspection to Financial Instruments Business Operator, etc.
● NREAM Sustainability Training Program
NREAM yearly provides the employees and its property managers with the sustainability training including the necessity of the ESG, recent ESG topics and information sharing on ESG initiatives in consideration of the investor trends.
4. Diversity Promotion Program
The asset management company of the Fund, Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NREAM), prepares available opportunities for every employee with different background to provide a better work environment, in pace with the diversity promotion committee of Nomura Real Estate Holdings which is the parent company of NREAM.
For details, please refer to Respecting Diversity and Reinforcing Co-Creation on the website of Nomura Real Estate Holdings
5. Human Resource Data
Nomura Real Estate Holdings which is the parent company of the asset management company discloses the human resource data of its group companies.
For details, please refer to Human Resources Data on the website of Nomura Real Estate Holdings

Initiatives for Resilience against Natural Disasters

1. Disaster Prevention and BCP(Business Continuity Plan)
The long-duration seismic activity measures:
Shinjuku Nomura Building features seismic performance with the engineering works against the long-duration seismic activity which is comparable to the most advanced skyscraper buildings. We prioritize the safety and security of tenants and visitors by installing seismometers on every floor which enables us to analyze the displacement amount of the building and the real time monitor called Yuremoni which we can monitor the safe condition.
2. Hard-to-return-home Refugees Support
Shinjuku Nomura Building contributes to local disaster prevention functioned as a temporary evacuation shelter for people difficult to come home in the event of large-scale disasters under the agreement with Shinjuku district authorities.
3. Measures on Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
The asset management company of the Fund, Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NREAM) constitutes the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to minimize damages in the event of the large-scale disasters, and establishes necessary in-house system to assure an early recovery to the normal business operations as well as a business continuity.
NREAM has also developed a communication network including the property managers for prompt verification of its assets under management in the event of the large-scale disasters
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