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Social Responsibility

Ensuring the Safety and Security of Tenants and Improving User Comfort

Basic Policy
NMF’s main operations include providing tenants and facility users with excellent dwelling spaces and robust business platforms through the leasing of assets. In the course of these operations, NMF offers appropriate property management and other peripheral services while receiving rents determined through optimal pricing calculation.
To date, we have been engaged in portfolio management that gives due consideration to the safety and security of tenants as well as their comfort. In other words, not only do we invest in properties that offer particular advantages in terms of location and innate characteristics, we also focus on renovating the properties’ common spaces and upgrading key building facilities while periodically conducting other repair- and maintenance-related tasks.
We are aware of changes in tenant needs associated with property functions and peripheral services. We recognize that today’s asset owners are being called on to meet new requirements arising from the diversification of people’s value systems, lifestyles and working practices due to a structural shift in Japan’s society.
To accommodate the evolving needs of tenants, we will strive to offer better functions and services in addition to upgrading building facilities. While engaging in close communication with our tenants, we will thus step up initiatives to provide them with safety, security and comfort.
Opened the innovative space NEON in Shinjuku Nomura Building
  • NEON
Support for tenants of PMO, Landport, GEMS and PROUD FLAT
(*)Limited to PMO tenants for their job interviews, twice a year.

Carrying out promotion campaign making good use of GEMS portal website.
Assisting tenants in kicking off their operations
In addition to assisting tenants in recruiting, we offer a broad range of support by referring them to partnered companies specializing in such tasks as facility construction work, fund procurement and interior layouts.

Support for residents’ comfortable lives
We offer “ Chintai Hotto Support” exclusively for residents and telephone reception is available for responding to any equipment troubles 24/7, 365 days a year
<Trouble case examples>
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
We undertake customer satisfaction surveys to stay apprised of requests from and the opinions of our tenants, residents and users.
The results of these surveys are shared with property managers, building managers, developers and other relevant parties and utilized to enhance the features and equipment of each property as well as services available to tenants.
The latest survey was carried out in 2018 and targeted tenants in the office sector, with approximately 70% of respondents indicating their satisfaction.

Contribution for Local Community

Connection with Local Community
We hold several events for active communication with tenants and local residents.
Hosting and Participating in Community Events
Decorating properties’ interior spaces in conjunction with a Halloween parade that took place in Sapporo’s main street while introducing a costume leasing service plan
札幌「ハロウィン大通大行進」 館内装飾、コスプレ特典プランの導入等
Joined in Sendai Tanabata Festival.
Organizing a summer festival at Shinjuku Nomura Building every summer.
Organizing Events for Tenants
Organizing a “family day” event, inviting families of tenant companies’ employees to tour their offices and worksites
「ファミリーデー職場見学会」 テナント従業員のお子様を招待し、職場やオフィス内を見学
Holding an e vent at which toddlers are presented with toys in conjunction with the International Volunteer Day
「幼児向け玩具無料配布会」 国際ボランティア・デーを活用し、玩具を無料でプレゼント
Agreements with Local Community
Megalos Kanagawa:
We made an agreement with Kanagawa fire department on the use of swimming pool water for firefighting operations in the event of disaster such as large scale earthquakes.
Shinjuku Nomura Building:
We contribute to local disaster prevention by making an agreement with Shinjuku City Office to accommodate the stranded people in the event of disaster such as large scale earthquakes.
  • 新宿野村ビルで帰宅困難者受け入れ協定を締結
  • 新宿野村ビルで帰宅困難者受け入れ協定を締結
Supporting UNHCR campaign:
Offering a space for supporting UNHCR activities.
国連難民支援キャンペーン 国連難民支援機関の活動スペースを提供
Cooperation to anti-terrorism training:
We cooperated to anti-terrorism training with Osaka Prefectural Police Department by providing a space in our building.
テロ対策訓練への協力 大阪府警等が主催するテロ対策訓練を施設内にて実施
Health & Welfare
We are contributing to not only a child caring support for both local residents and workers but local health and welfare by leasing our properties to nursery schools and clinics.

Initiatives for Resilience against Natural Disasters

Disaster Prevention and Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
The long-duration seismic activity measures:
Shinjuku Nomura Building features seismic performance with the engineering works against the long-duration seismic activity which is comparable to the most advanced skyscraper buildings. We prioritize the safety and security of tenants and visitors by installing seismometers on every floor which enables us to analyze the displacement amount of the building and the real time monitor called Yuremoni which we can monitor the safe condition.
Fire drills
We regularly conduct fire drills in our properties to improve the response capability in the event of a disaster.
Initiatives to ensure the safety and security of the tenants and the visitors
Elevators are equipped with emergency disaster kits and disaster kits have been distributed to tenants for the safety and security of tenants and visitors.

Initiatives for Employees

In accordance with the Investment Trust Act, investment corporations are not allowed to hire employees. Because of this, the operations of such corporations, including NMF, are handled by the officers and employees of their asset management companies. Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NREAM) is therefore commissioned by NMF to undertake tasks associated with asset management. As it aims to practice a sophisticated investment management approach, NREAM believes that human resources are the management resource of critical importance. Guided by this belief, NREAM is engaged in a variety of initiatives for employees. Please also visit NREAM’s website for more details.
・Health and Safety of Employees
・Promotion of Diversity
・Creating Fair Work Environments with Meaningful Work
・Improving Human Capital
・High Degree of Specialization
・Human Rights
・Ensuring Supplier Safety
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