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Diversified type strategy

Middle Risk/Middle Return Product Features

Real estate differs in rent trends, contract periods, etc. according to the sector. By combining different sectors we are able to realize middle risk/middle return product features.

Diversified type Middle risk/middle return Incorporate internal growth that accompanies economic upturn through a combination of long-term fixed rents with normal rents
  Rent/occupancy rate Contract period Contract type
Office buildings Sensitive to the economy 2 or more years
(short to medium term)
Normal rent
(direct contracts)
Retail facilities
(near stations)
Normal rent
(direct contracts and some percentage contracts)
Hotel facilities Stable to Sensitive to the economy 5 or more years
(medium to long term)
Fixed term
(fixed rent or variable rent)
Retail facilities
(residential areas)
Stable 10 or more years
Fixed term
(master lease; fixed rent)
Logistics facilities 5 or more years
(medium to long term)
Residential facilities 2 or more years
(short to medium term)
Normal rent
(master lease; pass through)

Pursuing Stability and Growth Potential by Diversifying Sectors

The Investment Corporation’s portfolio is comprised of sectors with stable profitability unaffected by economic fluctuations (logistics facilities, retail facilities (located in residential areas), residential facilities, etc.) and sectors in which income can be expected to grow through economic fluctuations (retail facilities (located near stations), office buildings, etc.). We believe that this enables us to pursue both stable income and growth potential.



  • Office Building
  • Retail Facilities (Near Stations)
  • Retail Facilities (Residential Areas)
  • Logistics Facilities
  • Residential facilities
  • Hotels
  • Others
(Note) The figures are calculated based on the acquisition price of the portfolio held by NMF as of today.

Considering Investments in a Wide Range of Sectors

J-REITs, which initially targeted investments primarily on office buildings, have been changing compositions to diversify investments into retail facilities, residential facilities, logistics facilities, hotels, factories, infrastructures and healthcare facilities. This trend is expected to continue as the J-REIT market grows further. Given these circumstances surrounding the J-REIT market, the Investment Corporation will respond to the diversification of sectors of investment assets by utilizing its feature as a diversified type REIT. Furthermore, it will promote deeper risk diversification and growth of the asset size by securing more property information and investment opportunities in an aim to secure ensure stable income in the medium to long term.

Future Investment Targets

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