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THE DEER – New Brand Concept

MASTER FUND‘s New Brand Movie -THE DEER-

THE DEER – Birth History of New Brand Logo

Blue Deer

We have launched a new branding strategy with the Fund’s
first public offering to express our decision
to become the leading brand of the J-REITs.

Today, we unveil a new fund logo featuring deer associating its characteristics with the Fund.

The Characteristics of THE DEER

Regeneration of Strong Deer Antlers
Symbolizing our resolve for a constant advancement and the number one brand that we seek
Keen Sense of Smell and Agility
Symbolizing our ability to meet the changes in the market environment and to react swiftly
Powerful Leap
Symbolizing our growth potential based on a strong support by Nomura Real Estate Group

The Logo Design of THE DEER

Looking Far Ahead
Our strategies with perceptions and long-term perspectives
Strong Front Leg Pawing Ground
Our clear intention to build a solid performance

We will strive to enhance the fund performance to live up with the expectation and the trust of the unitholders.

February 1, 2018

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