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General Meeting of Unitholders

Pursuant to the provisions of the Investment Trust Act, certain issues concerning investment corporations (such as amendment of the Articles of Incorporation, selection and dismissal of corporate officers, supervisory officers and accounting auditors, etc.) shall be resolved at the general meeting of unitholders comprised of unitholders.
NMF’s general meeting of unitholders shall be held in Tokyo in accordance with the provision of NMF’s Articles of Incorporation.

Notice Concerning the 2nd General Meeting of Unit Holders

The 2nd General Meeting of Shareholders was held on Thursday, 23rd May 2019.
Unit holders stated or recorded in the final version of unit holders' registry on the record date, Fabruary 28, 2019, are entitled to exercise their voting rights at the subject General Meeting.

The 2nd General Meeting of Unitholders

The 1st General Meeting of Unitholders

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