Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Green Purchasing Manuals

We have formulated Green Purchasing Manuals to clarify procedures for external collaboration. By doing so, we ensure that products and services being purchased in connection with the management of NMF’s real estate portfolio are preferentially selected from those satisfying our prescribed standards associated with the reduction of environmental burdens. Moreover, with regard to the selection of suppliers (e.g., property managers (PMs), building managers (BMs) and construction firms), we have made the status of their sustainability initiatives a key consideration alongside such factors as their product quality, price competitiveness, creditworthiness and service content.

Periodic Assessments of PMs and BMs

In principle, we annually assess our PMs and BMs, which are commissioned to manage NMF’s assets, to determine their financial soundness and quality of their services while engaging in constant monitoring aimed at evaluating such items as the status of their sustainability policies and sustainability promotion frameworks, legal and regulatory compliance and information management. Based on assessment and evaluation results, we provide them with feedback and, if necessary, guidance with regard to areas in need of improvement. We also consider replacing any PM or BM that fails to enact improvements in accordance with such guidance.

ESG-Related Training for PMs

We aim to help raise sustainability awareness among PMs and step up collaboration with them, to this end providing them with relevant training sessions at least once a year. With external specialists serving as lecturers, these training sessions are designed to call their attention to the importance of sustainability, address the latest trends in sustainability initiatives and brief them on the status of NMF’s sustainability measures and targets and the progress it has made. In these ways, we ensure that all PMs share our acute awareness of sustainability and are properly updated.